Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Legalization of Male Prostitution

The owner of a brothel more than two hours’ drive from Las Vegas said she hopes to hire Nevada’s first legal male prostitutes within a month, now that state health officials have approved a method to test men for infectious diseases.

The world is ready for women, or even other men, to legally buy sex, said Shady Lady Ranch owner Bobbi Davis. Plus, being the first to offer male service could boost business in tough economic times, she said.

“With so many other male revues going on in Vegas, we thought it was time to give this a try,” Davis told The Associated Press.

Until now, men have been effectively barred from legally plying the world’s oldest profession in Nevada by the specificity of a state health law requiring prostitutes to undergo frequent cervical testing for sexually transmitted diseases.


Metaphorically, we are all prostitutes at some point in our lives. We allow ourselves to be pimped by our jobs, the government, and sometimes even those close to us. In a world full of Haves and Have-Nots, the Haves typically slut out the Have-Nots in attempt to get what they desire. Please excuse the imagery of this metaphor. I promise that it's leading somewhere.

The "act" of prostitution really isn't the issue here. The issue is the health of the male prostitutes and the health of the women who wish to purchase sex. I still think its borderline hilarious that a woman would have to pay for sex. Most men are more than willing to have sex with a woman with no strings attached. Brothels do provide a more controlled environment with a guarantee that you won't contract an STI. I am sure their selection of "talent" is better than what you would find at the Epicentre. Therefore, I see why places like the Shady Lady Ranch are appealing to some. Live and let live people...

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With ho tendencies
Hos are your friends, hoes are your enemies
With ho energy to do whacha do
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Screw whacha screw