Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Lesbian Shall Lead Them...

Houston voters made history in December, electing the first openly gay mayor of a major U.S. city. Annise Parker, 53, takes the oath of office on Jan. 1 to lead the nation's fourth largest metropolis, with some 2.2 million residents. Currently Houston's city controller, Parker has been open about her sexuality throughout her political career and has three adopted children with her longtime partner, Kathy Hubbard. "Tonight the voters of Houston have opened the doors to history," the Democrat said after winning the city's Dec. 12 runoff election. "But now, from this moment, let us join as one community."


I am pretty amazed that an openly gay mayor was elected in a major Southern city. It's not like I doubt her abilities. Mayor-elect Parker is a Houston native who is more than qualified. The cynic in me just has a hard time believing that she won this campaign off of the strength of her qualifications. Kudos to her campaign for defying some seemingly insurmountable odds.

I browsed the Internets yesterday to see how people were reacting. The majority of the opponents to Mayor-elect Parker didn't doubt her ability to lead. They were just angry that someone who "wasn't a fitting representation of their city" was going to be in charge. I understand that point of view, but those people need to get over it. The mayor-elect has been involved with the city's government for years and there was nary a sound of opposition. If there was some opposition prior to this election, I cannot find a record of it. In time, I hope all opposition to her is based on her policies and not her sexuality.

Until than, I will continue to shake my head and laugh at those who think the world is ending because the US has a Black President and an openly gay mayor.