Friday, September 25, 2009

Save The Boobs

A Canadian charity called Rethink Breast Cancer has stirred up some controversy with their new breast cancer awareness PSA called "Save the Boobs". It features a buxom young woman in a bikini whose breasts are being admired by men and women alike. The tagline is "You know you like them, now it's time to save the boobs."


I think this commercial is excellent, but I completely understand why some people are opposed to it. One could argue that the commercial objectifies women and that it portrays them as sexual objects. I wouldn't refute those arguments. However, I like this ad because it gets people talking about breast cancer. I lost an aunt to breast cancer when I was in high school. She was a beautiful soul who selflessly gave herself to others. I cried uncontrollably at her funeral. I rarely emote like that in public, but I couldn't control the sadness I felt.

I am in favor of damn near anything that promotes breast cancer awareness. The video above will definitely get some men interested in breast cancer awareness, which apparently was Rethink Breast Cancer's goal. Granted, the commercial could have been less racy and still got its point across. The organization will probably take that into consideration when it creates future ads. I applaud the risk that Rethink Breast Cancer took when they created this commercial and the work it is doing to help a worthy cause.

She'll put a smile upon your face
And take you to that higher place
So don't you underestimate
The strength of a woman
The strength of a woman


Jessica Eiden Smedley said...

It's a wonderful commercial.

I look forward to the Breast Cancer walk tomorrow morning at Symphony Park in Charlotte.

Julius Coxswain said...

I wish I could make it. My money has been donated though.