Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Cross Dressing Mayor of East Cleveland

East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer blasted a local television station after it aired photographs that purported to show the mayor wearing a wig and lingerie.

The news conference came less than a week before voters decide if he should be re-elected.

Brewer refused to say - and would not deny - if the person in the photographs was him. But he criticized WKYC Channel 3, saying the station aired the story Wednesday without contacting him for comment. He demanded the station reveal how it obtained the photos.


I almost spit out my black tea when I read this story a few days ago. Mayor Brewer had to know that pictures of him dressed as a woman would reach the media eventually. The most amazing thing about this story isn't the fact that the mayor turned his drag on. It's the fact that dude didn't deny that he was in the pictures. He could have said he dressed that way because he lost a bet. He could have said he did it for a charity. Instead, he just demanded to know where the pictures came from. I realize that no one would have believed the two weak reasons I just wrote, but politicians are known for giving nonsensical reasons for their questionable actions.

I don't know anything about East Cleveland or it's political culture. I do believe, however, that this guy's personal life won't affect his ability to govern. I am pretty sure the people close to him already knew how he got down in his personal life. Now that everyone knows, Mayor Brewer should feel free to do it til' he's satisfied.

Ooh go on and do it do it
Do it 'til you're satisfied
(Whatever it is) do it
Do it 'til you're satisfied