Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No Gucci Mane in Greensboro

N.C. A&T’s Homecoming celebration draws thousands to Greensboro every year — students, alumni, families and music fans who want to see the hottest names in R&B, hip-hop and rap.

But this year’s celebration is also drawing controversy.

At issue: Gucci Mane, a headlining rapper at the event whose lyrics center on drug dealing, violence and his ties to the Bloods street gang. University officials said they began hearing complaints earlier this month from students worried about the rapper representing A&T at homecoming. But by then, contracts were signed.

“After the contracts are signed, it’s very difficult for us to come back and say there are concerns,” said Sullivan Wellborne, the school’s vice president for student affairs.


I don't like 99 percent on Gucci Mane's music. "So Icey" is probably my favorite song in his catalog, but I like that song because of the dude who sings the hook and the bridge. My personal feelings about his music aside, I still think banning him from performing at A&T is a good idea. Institutions of higher education should always welcome people who offer dissenting points of view and thoughts that are "off the beaten path". Doing so often sparks a healthy dialogue among students that can help them in the long run. Everything about Gucci is drenched in ignorance and recklessness. His music has almost no redeeming value and having him perform at Homecoming is a bad idea.

This isn't the first time that people have protested a performance by Mr. Mane. The City of Albany (GA) also wanted to cancel a Gucci Mane show. In fairness, Gucci isn't the only rapper in the game who glorifies the street life. Hell, Fabolous is performing at A&T for its Homecoming and he lots of songs that promote negativity. The saving grace for Fab, in my humble opinion, is that he has lots of positive songs for the ladies. Gucci's subject matter starts and stays in the gutter.

Take a listen at Gucci's newest track called "Wasted" and I am pretty sure you will agree with my POV.

Rock star lifestyle might don´t make it
Livin life high everyday click wasted
Sippin on purple stuff rollin' up stanky
Wake up in the morning 10 clock drankin
Party party party lets all get wasted


guccigirl said...

fuck you dumb bitches iam a gucci fan da real. i had a crew coming to the homecoming just 2 see gucci we was gonna pay money in all. fuck dat if he dont come we going to centeal homecoming and get wasted in Durham NC fuck a tt bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!! buurr..

Julius Coxswain said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha