Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ladies Will Always Get Laid

Men are much more likely to seek and have casual sex than women, and are far less choosy about the looks of their sex partners.

That's the conclusion of a new study by British researchers who analyzed questionnaire responses from 860 American, German and Italian students.

The students were asked to imagine being approached by a member of the opposite sex, described as either "slightly unattractive," "moderately attractive" or "exceptionally attractive." The participants were then asked what their response would be if such members of the opposite sex offered to go out, go to their apartment, and to go to bed with them.


This story shouldn't surprise anyone. It's a well known fact that most men will lower their standards in order to get their rocks off. I have lowered my already charitable standards once or twice. It's not something I'm proud of, but I can charge those events to youthful indiscretion right...? Thanks guys, I knew you would understand.

I am not really opposed to people having casual sex with less than attractive people. Everybody needs a little physical affection from time to time. If there are no emotional attachments between sexual partners and all parties are using protection, I think everything is all good. I cannot see myself doing anything like that at this stage in my life, but I won't knock what the next man or woman is doing. I may mentally cringe when hearing the details, but my disapproval won't be visceral.

This has been a long week for your boy. I know there are lots of important issues in the news these days, but I cannot do them justice right now. When I get more time to think about things outside of work, I will give the aforementioned issues the attention they deserve. Until then, enjoy some En Vogue. In their prime, this quintet embodied the sex appeal that very few women ever possess.

I'm giving him something he can feel
To let him know this love is real
This love is real