Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sex in a Wolf Costume...

A former member of an Allegheny County, PA state legislator's staff allegedly had computer chats with a teenage boy about dressing in animal costumes and having sex, Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett said. Alan David Berlin worked in the Senate about a decade, including the last several years with Sen. Jane Orie, R-McCandless, who said Berlin "was immediately and indefinitely suspended" with no pay or benefits when she learned of the allegations.

Berlin is also accused of attempting to arrange a meeting between the boy and another adult, and offered to get them a hotel room if Berlin could take photos of them having sex. The boy's parents contacted authorities after finding sexually graphic messages on his computer, Corbett said. Investigators from Corbett's office found a wolf and cat-type costume in Berlin's home, a spokesman said.


This is one of those To Catch a Predator situations. It's amazing how many public figures get caught "sexting" inappropriately. Attemping to have sexual relations with a minor is not a laughing matter. However, I couldn't resist making fun of this guy for wanting to have sex in an animal costume. Don't get me wrong, I don't think there is anything wrong with dressing up to please the person you are with. I have a number of friends who say that role play really spices things up. Hell, I would like to give it a shot. Be that as it may, the costume the police confiscated from Berlin was the opposite of sexy. This story is yet another of example of why people shouldn't hold elected officials to a higher standard. In the end, they are just as human as the rest of us. If Berlin is as guilty as he appears to be, I hope he goes to prison for a long time. I also hope the boy he propositioned isn't mentally or emtionally scarred for life.

Robert Kelly seems to know a lot about the different variations of sex. His song "The Zoo" compares one of his sexual encounters to the actions of wild animals.

Girl, I got you so wet
It's like a rain forest
Like Jurassic Park
Except I'm your sex-a-saurus baby
You and me hopping
Like two kangaroos
Rattling and moaning
Out here in these woods