Monday, June 1, 2009

The Obama's Date Night "Controversy"

President Obama made good on a campaign promise to his most important supporter Saturday night — his wife, Michelle. The president and first lady jetted to a date in New York late Saturday afternoon, aides and media in tow.

"I am taking my wife to New York City because I promised her during the campaign that I would take her to a Broadway show after it was all finished," the president said in a statement an aide read to the press.

After dining a little more than two hours at Blue Hill, a West Village restaurant touted by New York magazine as a "seminal Greenmarket haven" that features food grown by chef and owner Dan Barber on his upstate farm, the president and first lady headed to the Belasco Theater to make it in time for Joe Turner's Come and Gone.

The Obamas left the theater after the play and were greeted by more cheers from enthusiastic bystanders along New York streets as they headed back for the flight to Washington.


The Obama haters are really grasping at straws these days. I understand that the country is in trouble, but President Obama has the right to take his wife on a date. Bush visited his ranch in Crawford, TX on several occasions. The Right didn't vocalize any opposition to those excursions. It's unrealistic to think that President Obama would never take time away from his job to enjoy himself. He is under an immense amount of pressure to turn the country around and to fulfill his campaign promises. I am pretty sure he would burn out in a year if he didn't occasionally take breaks. I hope the Obamas listened to some Johnny Gill as they cruised the streets of New York during their date. "My, My My" is the perfect song because it vividly describes how a man feels about the woman he loves when he takes her on a date.

Put on your red dress
And slip on your high heels
And some of that sweet perfume
It sure smells good on you
Slide on your lipstick
And let all your hair down
'Cause, baby, when you get through
I'm gonna show off you