Saturday, April 25, 2009

Earth Day & Vegan Condoms

In an effort to celebrate Earth Day, I scoured the Internet on April 22nd to find ways to improve Mother Earth. I already recycle and monitor my electricity usage, but I feel like I have the ability to give more. I do not know enough about the environment to question the veracity of Al Gore's beliefs. I do realize, however, that people need to treat the Earth better.

Anyhow, I came across an article that explained ways people can make their sex life more eco-friendly. This article introduced me to vegan condoms. When I read that vegan condoms existed, I wondered why someone would purchase them. My first thought was that a vegan woman wouldn't want to put a man's "meat" in her mouth because it would violate her diet. A vegan condom would enable a vegan woman to pleasure a man while remaining true to her lifestyle. Basically, I thought the term vegan was being used incorrectly to take advantage of the growing Green market. Apparently, my initial thoughts were way off base. Vegan condoms are made without the dairy products that are usually found in most condoms and they are created without animal testing.

Most vegan condoms are manufactured outside of the United States. Glyde (Malaysia), Condomi (Germany), and French Letter (France) seem to have the market on lock. I am surprised an American company hasn't jumped into the vegan condom market. I am sure Whole Foods and Trader Joe's would sell out every week. I don't know how well these bad boys hold up during intercourse. Consequently, I am going to stay in Latexland. If you try them, please let me know if they are worth using. My favorite "vegan" sex song is R.Kelly's "Sex in the Kitchen". It's a vegan sex song because he references vegetables. Just in case you needed an explanation...

Girl you're in the kitchen
Cooking me a meal
Something makes me wanna come in there and get a feel
Walk around in your t-shirt
Nothing else on
Strutting pass, switching that ass while I'm on the phone
Cutting up tomatoes, fruits and vegetables and potatoes
Girl, you look so sexy while you're doing the damn thing I want


N said...

"B/c he references vegetables." - Smh, classic.