Sunday, April 26, 2009

KISSGATE...Nah, It's Not That Deep

"Britain's Got Talent" star Susan Boyle captured the hearts of millions, but is it true she has never been kissed? She's coming clean to "Extra!" The 48-year-old admits she fibbed the truth about her romantic past? "It was meant as a joke... I've got a wicked sense of humor, you know!" she exclaims. The Scottish songbird has been making headlines since she amazed the world with her extraordinary voice and already she has been surrounded by rumors. Boyle admits the rumor that surprised her the most rumor has to do with stripping down. She says, "The one where I'm willing to take my clothes off for a million dollars... Really crazy!"


Susan's Boyle's rise to fame has been amazing. The world seems to be completed captivated by her voice and her humble persona. There have even been talks about making her life story into a movie. I'm really not that impressed by her singing ability, but I am glad that a seemingly genuine person is getting some recognition. Anyway, Boyle told Simon Cowell a few weeks ago that she has never been kissed. It's not that hard to believe she has never been kissed. She appears to be very shy and she isn't exactly Posh Spice. However, she is 47 years old. There is always a Leon Phelps type dude out there who shows all women love. I am glad she told the truth about the kissing thing. There are way too many people on television making disingenious claims in order to get attention and make money. My favorite mid-tempo kissing song is "Kissing You" by Total. Boyle should cover that song when she comes out with her debut album.

Don't matter who knows

I don't care who sees me
And thinking about you makes my life complete
And what I mean by that
That my whole world changes
You make me feel things that I never felt
I wanna kiss you


N said...

I still don't really understand what all the hype is about on this lady...