Friday, April 24, 2009

Lingerie Football Is Coming To Charlotte!

Atlanta may have its fair share of strip clubs, but it wasn’t ready for lingerie-clad ladies playing football. The Atlanta Steam — the city’s first lingerie-wearing women’s football team — is moving to Charlotte after failure to find a stadium in Georgia. League officials said they submitted bids to multiple venues in Fulton and Gwinnett counties, but were denied a place to play. They declined to identify the venues. “We checked out everything. No stone was left unturned,” said Jennifer Colter, a spokeswoman for the Lingerie Football League. “There was a little bit of friction and hesitation with certain venues not wanting that type of entertainment.”

Charlotte, however, is glad to welcome the team. The Steam will announce their new stadium later this week, Colter said. The Steam were scheduled to start training camps here this week and kick off the first season in September against the New England Euphoria, Colter said.League officials insist that fans shouldn’t worry: the ladies still plan to play in September, just farther north. The ladies play full contact, seven on seven football on a 50-yard field. The uniforms include tiny boy shorts and bikini tops. And of course they’ll have on helmets for protection.


In theory, lingerie football is a GREAT idea. Visualizing beautiful sweaty women playing my favorite sport really brings a smile to my face. Unfortunately, the novelty may wear off as time passes. The Lingerie Football League (LFL) will need to be innovative in order to keep the public's attention. I think the LFL should recruit beautiful and athletic celebrities to make guest appearances on certain teams. The Pussycat Dolls have thrived using that business model and I think the LFL could as well. It would also help if the LFL persuaded Uncle Hugh to have a "Girls of the LFL" spread. If he gave a Danity Kane reject 500K to go nude, I am sure he can show the LFL some love.

I realize that there are people who believe the LFL objectifies women, There are also people who believe the league makes a mockery of the game. I respect their objections, but I will still be a passionate supporter of Charlotte's newest football team. The state of the economy and the fickleness of fans will make it hard for the LFL to stay afloat. I wish the league nothing but the best though. Can you imagine what an LFL game would be like on Ladies Night? I would be memorable. The announcer should play Lil Kim & Company's "Ladies Night" remake to set the night off right.

Bang this in your whips
Platinum coated rolli with the chips in the wrists
Here's a french kiss
I dismissed all you chicks split six from the four-fifth
Make you dance, ooowwww
I stay focused, in the dopest
Like a penny with a hole in it, y'all just hopeless