Monday, August 10, 2009

Yet Another Sex Tape Scandal...

So did you hear the one about the BMW heiress who made a sex video? Germany's wealthiest woman, who is worth $13.2 billion, was lured into an affair by a Swiss hunk. Thus began, if you'll pardon the phrase, the dirtiest game of blackmail Whac-A-Mole ever played.

Susanne Klatten, who owns 12% of the luxury car maker plus half of a pharmaceutical giant, is a fabulously wealthy, probably fabulously bored wife and mother of three. She and Helg Sgarbi, her Swiss cad, spiced up their little affair by shooting a sex video in room 630 of the Holiday Inn in Munich, Germany.

What she didn't know, says The Daily Beast, was that Sgarbi made a rich life out of seducing bored, rich women. He amassing "gifts" of €10 million from four of them.

When 47-year-old Klatten balked at his attempts to extract any more than €7 million from her, Sgarbi demanded €49 million (about $70 million) to keep their video sex romp a secret. Klatten immediately fessed up to her cuckolded husband and sent the police after her erstwhile blackmailing lover.


This story was originally reported in 2008. The fact that it still has new developments is hilarious if you don't think about the effect it is having on her family. The mainstream media rarely covers stories on powerful women who cheat on their husbands. I guess this story goes to show that even women are susceptible to temptation. Klatten is a married and ridiculously rich mother of three. You would think that someone with so much to lose would be more careful when selecting a "jump off". Sadly, Klatten slipped up like Kwame Kilpatrick, Governor Mark Sanford, and thousands of powerful people before her.

Klatten was reckless when she cheated on her husband, but her gangsta style of handling those who plan to release the sex tape is second to none. She is using her power, influence, and cash to crush anyone who threatens to profit from the tape or publish it on Redtube. She is dead set on making sure she doesn't have another lapse of judgment. I seriously doubt that tape will ever see the light of day.

The Main Ingredient was right when they sang that "Everybody Plays the Fool." Klatten played the fool when she made a sex tape with man who has a history of exploiting women. The idiots who tried to use the sex tape as blackmail material are even more foolish for thinking their plans would work.

Everybody plays the fool, sometime
There's no exception to the rule, listen baby
It may be factual, may be cruel, I ain't lying
Everybody plays the fool