Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I want to take this time to wish all the real fathers out there a Happy Father's Day. Mother's Day is seen as a much bigger holiday because lots of children are raised by their mothers. Sadly, the "baby mama" and "dead beat dad" culture has become a pervasive plague on our society. Thankfully, I was raised in a loving two parent home with a father who instilled a lot of positive traits in me. My father and I have had it out on a number of occasions, but I know that he wants the best for me. If I am blessed enough to become a father one day, I want my children to know they have a father who is dedicated to being there for them.

I promised myself I wouldn't turn this blog entry into a diatribe against absentee fathers. So, enjoy Will Smith's "Just the Two of Us" and have a great Sunday.

From the first time the doctor placed you in my arms
I knew I'd meet death before I'd let you meet harm
Although questions arose in my mind, would I be man enough
Against wrong, choose right and be standing up
From the hospital that first night
Took a hour just to get the car seat in right