Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good Looking Out Leticia

While most graduating high school seniors and their parents are consumed with the worry college costs bring, one student has decided to give away $40,000 in scholarship money. Leticia Garcia-Romo, an Everett Alvarez High School senior, will be traveling across the county in the fall to attend Princeton University in New Jersey.Unlike most of her classmates, Leticia isn't concerned with the price tag that an Ivy League education can bring. Princeton has given her a full-ride scholarship.

But the full-ride scholarship to Princeton and numerous awards wasn't quite enough for Leticia. She wanted her friend, Hector Rojas, to go to college as well so the both of them could come back and help change their hometown neighborhoods.

But the dream of going to college and then returning to Salinas to help their community seemed like a reality for the two friends when Hector was accepted into the University of California-Davis. That was until Hector found out he needed to pay extra fees to attend Davis because he is an undocumented student.

That is when Hector's friend stepped in to make sure the two students became the first in their families to graduate high school and move onto higher education. Leticia declined the $40,000 scholarship offer, so Hector, who was the runner up, could win the award.


Stories like this help me maintain the belief that some people care about something or someone outside of themselves. I don't know too many people who would have given away a scholarship to help someone else. I know this young lady knew the person who received the scholarship she was offered. Nevertheless, she should be commended. She could have very easily kept that money and had loads on expendable income to play with at Princeton. Higher education is our country is ridiculously expensive. I hope Arne Duncan creates some policies that will make college for affordable for students from all economic backgrounds.

Outside of the Golden Girls theme song, my favorite song about friendship is "You've Got A Friend". Lots of artists have recorded this song, but I prefer the Jackson 5 version.

When your down and troubled
And you need a some loving care
And nothing, no nothing is going right.
Close your eyes and think of me
And soon I'll be there
To brighten up, yeah even your darkest nights.