Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Clunker Bill

The House on Tuesday waded deeper into the rescue of the troubled auto industry when it passed a $4 billion plan to subsidize new cars sales for consumers who scrap old ones. By a vote of 298-119, the House approved the "cash for clunkers" program. The measure would give consumers vouchers worth as much as $4,500 to turn in gas guzzlers and buy new cars that are more fuel efficient.
Clunkers eligible for the program must get 18 miles per gallon, or less, in combined city and highway driving. A $3,500 subsidy can be used toward purchasing cars and vans that are more fuel efficient than the older clunkers by four miles per gallon. A $4,500 subsidy can be used toward purchasing cars and vans that are more fuel efficient than older cars by 10 miles per gallon.
However, cars that have not been insured for the past year or those that are older than 25 years are not eligible to be traded in for vouchers.

I think this piece of legislation might actually help the American auto industry and please some environmentalists. I know a lot of people who make impulse buys because they are obsessed with new things. Some of those people are probably cutting back flips knowing that they can get up to 4500 dollars to put towards a new fuel efficient car. I may even have to consider trading in my whip. If the repairs my car needs are more expensive than a car payment, I will start frequenting the dealerships on Independence Blvd. Although some of the cars eligible for purchase wouldn't meet the fuel standards for new cars proposed by the Obama Administration, I still think this bill is a victory for the environment.

Devin the dude's "Laville '79" couldn't be traded in using the Clunker Bill because it's been around longer than 25 years. Let's hope cars like that are put out of commission in the near future.

I got my toolbox, got my booster cables, and jack
I get where I'm going, two quarts of oil will get me back
I got a brand new radiator, rebuilt alternator
Detachable tape player, but I gotta fix the fader
So I can have some music on the 6-10 loop
Maybe fit in with the L-Dogs, sedans, and coupes