Wednesday, May 20, 2009

T.I.'s Prison Sentence

Though it probably spread a bit of joy among T.I.'s fans, recent reports that the rapper will only serve two months of his one year and a day prison sentence are inaccurate. When The Associated Press reported on Sunday that T.I. — due to report to the Forrest City low-security federal prison in Little Rock, Arkansas, on May 26 — had been given credit for 305 days of home detention, "so his stay at Forrest City prison will likely be only two months," the news agency may have misread the sentencing report. The story has since spread on the Internet, but according to Charysse Alexander, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Georgia, it is not accurate.

According to Alexander, the rapper was indeed given credit for the 305 days of home confinement he served while awaiting trial in the case, but that has nothing to do with his prison sentence. Alexander explained that, at best, according to federal sentencing guidelines, anyone who serves more than one year in prison is eligible for a 15 percent "good time" credit, which in Tip's case could shave almost 55 days off his sentence.


The media's coverage of T.I.'s impending prison sentence is out of control. Yesterday, the AP erroneously reported that T.I. was only going to serve two months. This report spread like a wildfire throughout the Internet and his fans celebrated by doing cartwheels in the streets. I was disgusted when I heard the news. T.I. committed a really stupid crime and he needs to go to prison. Society is way too forgiving when it comes to crimes committed by celebrities. I know some people get vilified, but most celebs walk away unscathed. If Michael Vick had to serve time for dog fighting, T.I. needs to serve time for owning as many guns as a Muslim extremist group.

I am glad to hear that T.I. may have to serve his entire prison sentence behind bars. If he does anything less than half of his sentence, his release from prison will send the wrong message to kids. As it stands, he is allowed to perform and he has an MTV reality show. He is under the most lenient house arrest I have ever seen. Granted, his speaking engagements and Crimestoppers commercials are doing some good. I still think he should serve some prison time to really show his remorse. My stance on this issue may lead some people to believe that I am judging Mr. Harris. I don't think I am. I just want him to be held accountable for his actions. Tip has a line on the "Top Back Remix" that contradicts what is currently happening in his life.

Okay my money real big, choppers is still here,
They catch me with it fuck it i'm doing my lil bid
And my drop top ridin with my glock cock ridin
I'm looking for them niggas' where they at stop hiding