Friday, April 17, 2009

This Is Going To Get Ugly

There unsealed documents in the divorce case of Governor Jim Gibbons and first lady Dawn Gibbons reveal a back-and-forth of accusations of infidelity on the part of the governor and aggressiveness on the part of the first lady. Dawn Gibbons, through her lawyers, charge that the governor's claim that they needed a divorce because they were "incompatible" were bogus, and that the real reason he was seeking a divorce was because he was seeing a former Playboy model and another woman. The governor has insisted both women were just friends. The couple had been married since 1986. Dawn Gibbons identified one of the women in the documents as Kathy Karrasch, who over several weeks in 2007 received more than 860 text messages from the governor on his state cell phone. The governor publicly apologized last year and reimbursed the state $130. He denied the messages were "love notes." The governor, through his lawyer, said that the first lady was aggressive and that is why he wanted her to move out of the Governor's mansion. The governor went on to say he was concerned that the first lady would make an unfounded claim of domestic violence against him if they stayed in the same living quarters.


This couple has been married for over 20 years. My naive inner child believes that adults can have amicable divorces. I am pretty sure Ms. Gibbons is going to get a huge settlement and the good governor will try to downplay the entire fiasco. I don't know if the infidelity charges levied against the governor are true. I do know, however, that he is an idiot for sending that many text messages to a woman that is not his wife. He is even more idiotic for sending and receiving those messages on his work phone. You would think he would have given each of his alleged mistresses a private line to reach him. The governor already has a lot on his plate. I am sure he wants to get the issues surrounding his personal life out of the press. I guess people get a false sense of security when they have money and power. If Dawn Gibbons has half the evidence she says she has to prove her allegations, its a wrap for the governor. She is clearly, in Chante Moore's words, "Bitter".

I remember the times we shared and I
Remember the long phone calls at night
You used to say the sweetest things
But today my phone rings and I wish
That you would just stop talking