Friday, September 4, 2009

Obama's Address To the Kids

The objections to President Obama's address to children across the country are getting out of hand. The man wants to welcome kids back to school and encourage them to study hard. Unfortunately, there are people out there who think that President Obama is trying to brainwash every child in America. They think he aims to use his address to push his "socialist" and "liberal" agenda.

In an attempt to quell these irrational beliefs, the Obama Administration has made two revisions to its initial plan. First, the President's speech will be posted on the Internet the day before he recites it. Second, students will be asked to write a letter citing their educational goals instead of writing a letter on how they can assist the President. I think these changes are unnecessary, but I realize that the White House is trying to be accommodating.

I applaud Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) for showing the President's speech in every classroom. CMS distributed a press release regarding the speech and it can be accessed here. The parents who plan to remove their children from school when Obama's speech is aired are doing their children a disservice. Essentially, they are telling their kids that they can behave outlandishly and/or avoid civil discourse anytime they disagree with a person or a policy. The rotund kid in the video above got that message loud and clear. America doesn't need anymore kids like that.

Free your mind people...


Jessica Eiden Smedley said...

Removing your student from the classroom is showing total disgrace towards the office of the President.

I can't believe some of the "brainwashing" allegations - parents must not have a lot of confidence in their children if they think they can all become little socialists in a matter of minutes.

Julius Coxswain said...

Yeah. There are entirely too many kids out here who have very little respect for authority. You wouldn't believe how many times I have heard a kid say "You ain't my daddy/momma" when asked to do something.