Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Murder Suicides

Troy Ryan Bellar, 34, used a high-powered rifle with a scope to shoot his 31-year-old wife, Wendy, when she tried to leave their home, the Polk County Sheriff's Office said in a statement. Two of the couple's children -- 5-month-old Zack and 7-year-old Ryan -- also were killed, but a 13-year-old got away, with the father chasing and firing after him, officials said.

"It is beyond my understanding why a man would shoot and kill his 5-month-old baby boy, his 7-year-old baby boy, try to kill his 13-year-old son, shoot his wife and then turn the gun on himself," said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. "There is no explanation for that."

The shootings happened in Lakeland, Florida, just east of Tampa. When the shooting began, the couple's son, Nathan, ran out of the house and down the street -- with his dad chasing him through the garage and firing several shots, authorities said. Nathan was unhurt and will be placed with family members.


These are trying times. Lots of people are losing their jobs, their homes, and their minds. I understand that some people need to do things outside of the norm to deal with their problems. Usually, I don't knock what the next man does to get by. Killing your family, however, is not on the list of acceptable ways to handle tough situations. Recently, a man in Middleton, MD murdered his family and committed suicide. In January, a man in California did the same thing. I always ask myself, "What is that bad?"

A man is supposed to be the head of his household. He is supposed to provide for his family financially, emotionally, and in every other capacity. He is supposed to lead by example and be the metaphorical rock that his wife and kids can lean on. Killing your family is the ultimate bitch move. The suicide following the homicides proves that the murderer wasn't even man enough to be held accountable for his actions. I have no idea how a father can look his children in their faces and kill them.

Millie Jackson has a song called "A Child of God (It's Hard To Believe), which is about the trifling ways some people live. Millie sings that she can't believe those people are children of God. I can't believe it either.

I know a man
Who curses his brother
I know a man
Who thinks of no other
Always chasing after money
Thinks a poor man is funny
It's hard, hard to believe he's a child of God