Monday, April 13, 2009

Politics vs. The People

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford backed down from his standoff with the White House over stimulus funding, becoming the last governor in the nation to officially announce that his state will accept economic recovery aid. Sanford, viewed as a potential presidential contender, has been the most outspoken of a handful of GOP governors who have criticized Obama's plan. He repeatedly said he would reject stimulus money because he did not think the nation should go into debt to fund recovery efforts. Despite his reversal, Sanford said he will not draw from a $700 million portion of the stimulus for education and law enforcement unless he reaches a deal with South Carolina's Republican-controlled legislature to help pay off some of the state government's debt. South Carolina has an 11 percent unemployment rate, the nation's highest outside of Michigan, and will receive about $8 billion in aid, with about $2.8 billion going directly to the state government.


Governor Sanford REALLY needs to get over himself. The Palmetto State has the second highest unemployment rate in the country and it needs all the help it can get. The Governor seems to be placing his Presidential ambitions ahead of the well being of the people in his state. He is even pushing his weak argument on television because he knows the court of public opinion is ruling against him. I have family members and friends in South Carolina that have been adversely affected by the state's economic downturn. I pray that the good governor will reconsider his stance and accept all the stimulus money his state is being offered. Billy Paul had the right idea in 1975 when he sang "Let the Dollar Circulate".

Inflation getting higher
Makes it hard on the buyer
Unemployment on the rise
Gasoline stations filled with lines
Rent being paid late
Let the dollar circulate
Let the dollar circulate

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I play the Jeezy version of this song EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Good shit!