Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Billboard Latin Music Awards

Panamanian reggaeton sensation Flex won eight awards, and Spanish pop singer Enrique Iglesias took home six at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. Flex's album "Te Quiero (I Love You)," which skyrocketed to number one on Billboard magazine's charts shortly after its release, won top Latin album of the year. The hit single of the same name won seven other awards, including hot Latin song of the year and tropical airplay song of the year. Mexican guitarist Carlos Santana, whose rock, salsa and jazz fusion has reinvented the musical culture for more than 40 years, was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award. Mexican rock band Mana, which walked away with four awards, joined Santana on stage for a performance that left audiences roaring with cheer as Santana sprung on a sparkling, green guitar. Cuban-American model JenCarlos Canela, 2008 Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza and Puerto Rican salsa singer Jerry Rivera were among the presenters at the show, which was broadcasted live on Telemundo.


In high school, my friends and I used to think "Bailamos" by Enrique Iglesias was the jam. We would collectively sing that song as we returned from football practice. It was our humorous way of rejoicing the end of another tiring day. I really didn't know much about Latin American culture until I moved to Florida. The years I spent in Tallahassee and Tampa really opened my eyes. I went to quite a few Latin clubs during my college years. I unsuccessfully attempted to learn to salsa and bachata in those establishments. A few friendly Latinas tried to teach me to dance. I was usually able to turn my failed attempts at dancing into opportunities to holla...but I digress. I am a fan of traditional Latin music. Most of the contemporary stuff sounds too much like bootleg R&B/Pop. For example, reggaeton is almost the worst type of music known to man. It is second only to snap rap.

The beautiful woman gracing the top of this blog entry is the 2008 Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza. She isn't as fine as she appears in that picture, but she is definitely wifey material. I know she recently committed a snafu, but I'm not going to hold that against her. I'm sure she didn't realize the gravity of her words. Anyway, Carlos Santana performed at the Billboard Latin Music Awards and I am a big fan of his music. "Samba Pa Ti" is my favorite song in his catalog because it sets a mood without words.


latinworld said...

The show this year was really successful. I am crazy about latino music. It's so alive and optimistic that it makes you dance whatever the atmosphere and you end up having a great time!

Julius Coxswain said...

I agree. I have a lot of latin music in my collection. I plan on incorporating it into my blog in the future.